Dr. Marty Wanielista, P.E., Dr. Harvey Harper, P.E., Eric Livingston, P.E., Rich Magee, P.E., Dr. Mike Hardin, P.E. and Dr. Ikiensinma Gogo-Abite presented the first workshop for the new version of BMP Trains 2020 at the Renaissance Orlando hotel.

Eric Livingston presented an overview of the regulatory environment and history for stormwater regulation in the State of Florida. Dr. Harper gave a detailed presentation on the research and methodology funded by and accepted by the various state-level review and permitting agencies (FDOT, FDEP, and the five water management districts) that allows BMP Trains 2020 to function.

On Day 2 Dr. Wanielista walked participants through the entire BMP Trains 2020 model, including several examples from the user manual. Rich Magee assisted with the presentation of several examples; Dr. Mike Hardin explained how the software enables users to include cost estimations for the construction and implementation of various BMPs on a site.

Improvements to the stormwater assessment procedures in the state have been made.  The use of the numbers 2020 not only reflects the potential date for full release of the program but also the clarity of the input and output data within a new program structure. Users no longer need to have Microsoft Excel to run BMP Trains 2020. A new feature is the addition of groundwater assessment for annual discharge and average annual concentration of water entering the ground from a retention BMP. In addition changes to the navigation and output clarity have been completed. The new program is now being distributed and user input for improvements will be made in the next few months.   Full release is expected before the end of this year.