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Stormwater Management Academy
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WatershedEDSET Task Force

Resources to Aid Research and Education

Protecting Fish Habitat:A Guide for Fishermen and Boaters
Clean Water Boat Tips
The Basics of Boat Pumpout

Household Hazardous Waste
You Can Make a Ton of Difference: Recycle
Protect Your Family and Our Water Resources From Household Chemicals
Sensible Sprinkling
Conservation Landscaping for Water Quality
Audubon Guide for a Healthy Yard and Beyond

Animal Waste and Water Quality
Pet Waste and Water Quality
What's the Scoop?
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff
Amount of Water Used for Common Activities
What is a Watershed?


Stormwater Education Task Force

Stormwater Education Task Force is a collaborative body that shares ideas, resources, and scientific data in order to implement effective education and outreach programs. We’ve collaborated on projects such as:

  • Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council Retreat 2004, 2005
  • NPDES Stormwater Education Workshops
  • Stormwater Smart Communities Workshops


A Source for Stormwater Information Supported by the University of Central Florida, Florida Department of Transportation, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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