9th Biennial Conference on Stormwater Research & Watershed Management

  May 2, 2007

Introductions and Challenges

  • A Review of Urban Stormwater Retrofitting Projects in Florida
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Eric Livingston, FDEP
  • Stormwater Reuse: The Utility Business Practice (Paper and Presentation)
    Gerry Hartman, HCD a subsidiary of GAI Consultants, Inc.

Best Management Practices

  • Setting Guidelines for Monitoring Performance of BMPs
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Gordon England P.E. and Betty Rushton, UF
  • BMP Performance Expectation Functions: A simple Method to Evaluate BMP Performance for Regulatory Acceptance (Paper and Presentation)
    James H. Lenhart, CONTECH Stormwater Solutions, Portland, OR
  • Treatment and Maintenance of Stormwater Hydrodynamic Separators: A Case Study (Paper and Presentation)
    J. Sansalone, S. Pathapati, J. Kim, B. Liu, UF

Chemical Processes

  • Current Research and Trends in Alum Treatment of Stormwater
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Harvey H. Harper, III, Environmental Research & Design, Inc.
  • Removal Efficiencies of Polymer Dewatering Systems.
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Steven R. Iwinski, Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.
  • Reducing Runoff Volume and Concentrations of Phosphorous and Atrazine with Gypsum Amendment.  (Paper and Presentation)
    L. Darrell Norton , USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory

Local Education Programs

  • Clean Water is Just Good Business: Evaluating Business Response to Pollution Prevention Best Management Practices. (Paper and Presentation)
    Leesa Souto, Stormwater Management Academy
  • Crystal River/Kings Bay "Know Where It Flows" Program
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Kendra Antoine, Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Watershed Public Education (Paper and Presentation)
    John J. Walkinshaw, GPI, Inc.

  May 3, 2007

Watershed Management

  • Sarasota County, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Watershed Management. (Paper and Presentation)
    Jon Perry, Sarasota County Environmental Services
  • Stormwater Pollutant Assessment at the City of Kissimmee
    (Paper and Presentation)
    Eric Gurr and Fidelia Nnadi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
  • Evidence of Nitrogen in the Florida Aquifer in the Marion County Area (Paper and Presentation)
    Ni-Bin Chang, and Martin Wanielista, Stormwater Management Academy and Andrew O’Reilly, USGS.

Indicator Organisms and Stormwater Management

  • Application of Microbial Source Tracking Methods (MST) in Tributary Pollution Assessment (Paper and Presentation)
    Asja Korajkic, Cheryl M. Wapnick and Valerie J. Harwood
    University of South Florida, and PBS&J.
  • Development of a Guide for Assessing Fecal Contamination in Tributaries of the St. Johns River (Paper and Presentation)
    Cheryl M. Wapnick, Valerie J. Harwood and Donald R. Deis
    PBS&J, University of South Florida
  • Microbiological Assessment of Stormwater Ponds for Alternative Water Supplies (Paper and Presentation)
    Terri Slifko, Orange County, and Natalie Shaber, MSCW

Low Impact Development and Stormwater Management 

  • LID Issues for Florida – What’s Important and What Should Be Getting Monitored (Paper and Presentation)
    Michele Adams, Cahill and Associates
  • Designing Green Roofs in Florida (Paper and Presentation)
    Mike Hardin and Marty Wanielista, Stormwater Management Academy
  • Fertilizer Pollution Reduction Strategies (Paper and Presentation)
    Theresa Connor, P.E., General Manager, and Jack Merriam, Environmental Manager Sarasota County Water Planning and Regulatory

Lakes and Marshes

  • Ten Mile Filter Marsh Project in Lee County (Paper and Presentation)
    Anura Karuna-Muni and Roland Ottolini, Lee County Florida and Eric Livingston, FDEP
  • Chain of Lakes Regional Park (Paper and Presentation)
    Bill Row, BRPH                                


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