Research Publications

Dr. Ni-Bin Chang Publications

Soil erosion and non-point source pollution impacts assessment with the aid of multi-temporal remote sensing images

Screening the relocation strategies of water quality monitoring stations by compromise programming

Minimizing the Ecological Rish of Combined-Sewer Overflows in an Urban Riven System by a System-Based Approach

Soil moisture estimation in a semiarid watershed using RADARSAT-1 satellite imagery and genetic programming

Ning, S. K., Chang, N. B., Yang, L., Chen, H. W., and Hsu, H, Y., "Assessing Pollution Prevention Program by QUAL2E Simulation Analysis for Water Quality Management in the Kao-Ping River Basin, Taiwan", Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 61-76, 2001. [View File] (0.4 Mb)

Ning, S. K. and Chang, N. B., "Multi-objective, Decision-based Assessment of a Water Quality Monitoring Network in a River System", Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Vol. 4, pp. 121-126, 2002. [View File] (0.2 Mb)

Chen, Jeng-Chung, Chang, N. B., Chang, Y. C. and Lee, M. T., "Mitigating the Impacts of Combined Sewer Overflow in an Urban River System via Web-based Share-Vision Modeling Analysis", 2003 [View File] (0.6 Mb)

Chen, Jeng-Chung, Chang, N. B., and Chen, Chiee-Young, "Minimizing the Ecological Risk of Combined-Sewer Overflow in an Urban River System by a System-based Approach", Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 130, No. 10, pp. 1-16, 2004. [View File] (0.3 Mb)

Ning, S. K. and Chang, N. B., Jeng, K. Y., and Tseng, Y. H., "Soil Erosion and Non-Point Sources Pollution Impacts Assessment with the Aid of Remote Sensing", Journal of Environmental Management, accepted, Feb., 2005. [View File] (1.04 Mb)


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