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Research Publications

Dr. Gour-Tsyh Yeh with Theses and Dissertations

Fang, Yilin, Gour-Tsyh Yeh, William D. Burgos. "A General paradigm to model reaction-based biogeochemical processes in batch systems". Water Resources Research, Vol. 39, No. 4, 1083, doi:10.1029/2002WR001694, 2003.[View File] (345 Kb)

Burgos, William D., Richard A. Royer, Yilin Fang, Gour-Tsyh Yeh, William D. Burgos. "Theoretical and experimental Considerations Related to Reaction-Based Modeling: A Case Study Using Iron(III) Oxide Bioreduction". Geomicrobiology Journal, 19:253-287, 2002.[View File] (1.75 Mb)

Wang, Houjun and Gour-Tsyh Yeh. "A Characteristic-Based Semi-Lagrangian Method for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws", Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Volume 29, No.1, ppl 21-42, Sept. 2004. [View File] (384 Kb)

Gour-Tsyh Yeh, William D. Burgos, John M. Zachara. "Modeling and measuring biogeochemical reaction system consistency, data needs, and rate formulations". Advances in Environmental Research 5 (2001) 219-237. [View File] (576 Kb)

Burgos, William D., Richard A. Royer, Yilin Fang, Gour-Tsyh Yeh, James J. Stone, Byong-Hun Jeon, and Brian A. Dempsey. "Reaction-based modeling of quinone-mediated bacterial iron(III) reduction". Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol 67, No. 15, pp 2735-2748, 2003. [View File] (320 Kb)

Yeh, Gour-Tsyh, Jiangtao Sun, Philip Jardine, William D. Burgos, Yilin Fang, Ming-Hsu Li, Malcolm D. Siegel. "HYDROGEOCHEMical 5.0: a Three-Dimensional Model of Coupled Fluid Flow, Thermal Transport, and HYDROGEOCHEMical Transport through Variably Saturated Conditions - Version 5.0". (May-2004) 219-237. [View File] (2.62 Mb)

Yeh, Gour-Tsyh, Guobiao Huang, Hwai-Pig Cheng, Fan Zhang, Hsin-Chi Lin, Earl Edris, and David Richards. "A First-Principle, Physics-based Watershed Model: WASH123D". (Feb-2005) [View File] (960 Kb)


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