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How do I customize a publication?
Select files may be customized by adding your agencies' contact information. Adobe Acrobat Writer or Distiller must be used to customize a document (Adobe Acrobat Reader is not sufficient). Using Acrobat Writer or Distiller, type the information within the text box and save the document to a disc or hard drive prior to printing. If you do not have Abobe Writer or Distiller, a local printer may be able to add the specified text into the text box for you. To print the customized document, it must be opened and printed from Adobe Acrobat and not another Adobe platform such as Illustrator or Photoshop.

Alternatively, stickers or stamps could be used within the appropriate area after printing the publication.

What do I do with the Word documents?
The Word documents can be saved on your hard drive by clicking the link and selecting to save it to your hard drive. Then you simply need to open it in word for easier editing and customization. You can then print it on your own printer or send it out for professional printing.
What if I do not have Adobe Acrobat?
You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by going to
Where can I find printing recommendations?
Refer to the first document named "...Table of Contents" on the specific publication topic page. This document provides a detailed outline of printing recommendations including paper size, type and color.
If I am going to distribute publications, should I be concerned about copyright laws?
No. All participating agencies have given permission to distribute their materials.
Can I order publications directly?
Yes. Refer to the first document named "...Table of Contents" in each topic section. This document provides directions on how to order each publication.