Research Staff and Affiliates at UCF

Dr. Ni-Bin Chang
Focal research area: sustainable infrastructure, water quality management, ecological engineering, low impact development, industrial ecology, climate change, and environmental remote sensing

Dr. Manoj Chopra
Focal research area: geo-technical engineering and geo-environmental engineering

Dr. Marty Wanielista
Focal research area: hydrology and water quality

Dr. Kelly Kibler
Focal research area: river and estuary ecohydraulics, flood management and dam operation, and extreme horologic events.
Kibler Ecohydraulics Lab

Dr. Omer Tatari
Focal research area: construction science and stormwater management

Dr. Patrick Bohlen
Focal research area: ecological science and landscape ecology

Dr. Dingbao Wang
Focal research area: hydrology and climate change

Dr. Andrew Randall
Focal research area: environmental process engineering

Dr. Talea L. Mayo
Focal research area: coastal ocean modeling, hurricane storm surge, risk analysis, statistical data assimilation, state estimation, parameter estimation, scientific computing

Dr. Arvind Singh
Focal research area: sediment transport, turbulent flows, landscape evolution

Dr. Rudy McDaniel
Focal research area: interactive narrative, knowledge management, information architecture

Dr. Naim Kapucu
Focal research area: community resilience, social network analysis, organizational structure

Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee
Focal research area: environmental biotechnology

Dr. J. Walter Milon
Focal research area: environmental economics and regulation

Dr. Fidelia Nnadi
Focal research area: river hydraulics, flood simulation and sediment transport

Dr. Debra Reinhart
Focal research area: groundwater remediation and waste management

Dr. Peter Jacques
Focal research area: sustainability and policy analysis

Jeff Sonne
Focal research area: green building and energy recovery

Dr. Bruce Wilson
Focal research area:  water policy and environmental right

Dr. Lei Zhai
Focal research area: nanotechnology and environmentally benign materials

Dr. Qipeng Phil Zheng
Focal research area: environmental planning and systems analysis

National Research Fellows

Dr. Ronald Eaglin

Dr. Hong Yang

International Research Fellows

Dr. Antonio Camacho

Dr. Ho-Wen Chen

Dr. Lloyd Chua

Dr. Ting Fong May Chui, University of Hong Kong

Dr. Dawei Han

Dr. Abdelhamid Iratni, University of Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria

Dr. Tze Ling NG

Dr. Taikan Oki

Dr. Zhandong Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Dr. Lutz Weihermüller

Dr. Xiaosheng Qin