The UCF Stormwater Management Academy’s Mission:

Providing educational materials and research to advance an understanding and practice of stormwater management and to influence policy and procedures.

Major Tenets

  • We collectively have a responsibility to advance knowledge of stormwater, train professionals, and protect valuable waters.
  • We seek the highest standards of operations with honest, professional, and altruistic values.


Protection and enhancement of valuable surface and groundwater supplies for the benefit of present and future generations.


  • A leading source for stormwater management research.
  • Provide some of the most innovative education and training programs in the nation.
  • Be a substantial partner with governments, non-governmental organizations, and industry
  • Success in obtaining resources.


  • Conduct research and fund partnerships for research
  • Develop a workforce through mentoring and employment of students
  • Provide life-long learning for the existing workforce
  • Provide access to publications and information