Research Staff and Affiliates at UCF

Dr. Ni-Bin Chang
Focal research area: sustainable infrastructure, water quality management, ecological engineering, low impact development, industrial ecology, climate change, and environmental remote sensing

Dr. Manoj Chopra
Focal research area: geo-technical engineering and geo-environmental engineering

Dr. Marty Wanielista
Focal research area: hydrology and water quality

Dr. Kelly Kibler
Focal research area: river and estuary ecohydraulics, flood management and dam operation, and extreme horologic events.
Kibler Ecohydraulics Lab

Dr. Omer Tatari
Focal research area: construction science and stormwater management

Dr. Patrick Bohlen
Focal research area: ecological science and landscape ecology

Dr. Dingbao Wang
Focal research area: hydrology and climate change

Dr. Andrew Randall
Focal research area: environmental process engineering

Dr. Talea L. Mayo
Focal research area: coastal ocean modeling, hurricane storm surge, risk analysis, statistical data assimilation, state estimation, parameter estimation, scientific computing

Dr. Arvind Singh
Focal research area: sediment transport, turbulent flows, landscape evolution

Dr. Wei Wang
Focal research area: psychological resilience, social network analysis, industrial and organizational psychology

Dr. Rudy McDaniel
Focal research area: interactive narrative, knowledge management, information architecture

Dr. Naim Kapucu
Focal research area: community resilience, social network analysis, organizational structure

Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee
Focal research area: environmental biotechnology

Dr. J. Walter Milon
Focal research area: environmental economics and regulation

Dr. Fidelia Nnadi
Focal research area: river hydraulics, flood simulation and sediment transport

Dr. Debra Reinhart
Focal research area: groundwater remediation and waste management

Dr. Peter Jacques
Focal research area: sustainability and policy analysis

Jeff Sonne
Focal research area: green building and energy recovery

Dr. Bruce Wilson
Focal research area:  water policy and environmental right

Dr. Lei Zhai
Focal research area: nanotechnology and environmentally benign materials

Dr. Qipeng Phil Zheng
Focal research area: environmental planning and systems analysis

National Research Fellows

Dr. Ronald Eaglin

Dr. Hong Yang

International Research Fellows

Dr. Ting Fong, May, CHUI

Dr. Tze Ling NG

Dr. Ho-Wen Chen

Dr. Dawei Han

Dr. Taikan Oki

Dr. Lutz Weihermüller

Dr. Antonio Camacho

Dr. Lloyd Chua

Dr. Xiaosheng Qin