H2O4U is a program that evaluates and recommends water saving devices and provides public awareness on the importance of water consumption, conservation and the environment. Current research predicts a water shortage to occur in this century. With that concern in mind we plan to promote the best use of our water resources.

Find out what H2O4U can do!

An education program is proposed to inform the public of possible ways to save water and to introduce products that save water. A H2O4U seal of approval will be attached to products that save water. At first, we will concentrate on products related to Stormwater Management. We will be taking the latest environmental research public! Our goal is to identify and develop water saving devices and provide public awareness on the importance of water consumption, conservation and the environment through an educational program called H2O4U. Technical data will be presented in a strategic marketing campaign through media, seminars, literature and key Industry partners. We will show how the cost of water can be reduced as the supply is increased!




  • Technical Advisors & Data
  • Community Stewardship
  • Scarce alternative supplies
  • Promotion of products
  • Alternate products


  • Reduced water cost with increased water supply
  • Environmental preservation and restoration
  • Improved water quality
  • Increased public awareness
  • Promotion of educational programs

Example Products:

  • Stormwater irrigation
  • Filter with recyclable materials
  • Rainbow-1 (rain barrel with added features)
  • Dew-Drop (soil moisture & rain gauge)

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