Attend one or two days of this workshop:

Day 1: A full day workshop on the Harper Methodology used by Water Management Districts throughout Florida to calculate runoff volumes, BMP efficiencies, and pre- vs. post- development loadings for discharges to Impaired Waters and OFWs.  Learn the assumptions, methods, data, and calculations upon which the Methodology is based, how to use summary tables, and where to find the data to conduct these analyses.  This Workshop is an excellent introduction to the Day 2 BMPTRAINS Workshop which uses the Harper Methodology to calculate rainfall/runoff relationships, nutrient loadings, and BMP efficiencies. Presented by Harvey Harper and Eric Livingston.

Day 2: A full day workshop to help in understanding the use of the BMPTRAINS model, which is acceptable for ERP applications and assessment of credits within the TMDL program.  The program is accepted by water management districts, FDEP, and FDOT.  Navigation of the program from worksheet to worksheet with definition of terms is presented.  Example problems from around the State are used to illustrate the use of the model. Presented by Marty Wanielista, Mike Hardin, and Eric Livingston.

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