Dr. Ni-Bin Chang gave two presentations at the Workshop on Sustainable Rainwater Management held on 06 October, 2015, at the Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong. Over 100 participants joined the workshop including several high rank government officials. The first talk is titled “Promoting Low Impact Development via the Land Development Permitting Procedure and the Water Utility District System” and the second talk is titled “Coupling Multi-scale and Multi-attribute Models to Assess the Risk and Resilience of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System.” Photo on the top is the speech of the second talk and photo at the bottom is the delivery of the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Chang for his presentations by two professors in Hong Kong (On the left is Dr. Onyx, W.H., Wai, Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and on the right is Dr. May, T.F., Chui, Professor at the University of Hong Kong).